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Board Of Directors

adam Gwiine Rukare

Mrs. Gwennie Rukare


Our beloved Director Handles financial planning, budgeting, and reporting, and provides strategic guidance for school activity decision-making.

Madam Beartice

Mrs. Nuwamanya Beatrice

Head Teacher

Responsible for managing day-to-day operations, overseeing staff, and ensuring smooth functioning of our school.


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We are all aware of the huge importance of good nutrition in terms of your child's health and the nursery prides itself on the quality of the food. Our aim is to give your child the very best start. We keep up to date with current government recommendations on early years diet as we are very aware of how important it is.. Our three weekly menus are changed seasonally and prepared using Eat Better Do Better guidance to ensure that all our children get the most out of each meal nutritionally. Freshly cooked on-site by our own cook, all of our mouth watering meals use locally sourced produce where possible - without any salt, limiting sugar and incorporating at least five servings of fruit and vegetables each day. We understand that at nursery age, children are much more likely to try more foods, although this will change very quickly as they grow up. Treating meal times as a social occasion, children get the opportunity to improve their social development whilst developing concepts such as table manners and trying new foods. Older children help to set the table and serve themselves. Parents are often amazed at what their "fussy eaters" will eat when in the company of their peers at nursery.

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Our welcoming, friendly and spacious nursery provides the ideal environment for our children throughout the day; stimulating environments which provide opportunities for children to relax in quiet areas, learn and engage in play. Our babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers are split into five age groups based in separate rooms, progressing to the next group when they are developmentally ready. Each child and their family is supported by a keyperson, working in partnership to follow their child's development and set developmental "Next Steps" following the children's interests and The Early Years Foundation Stage Framework. To ensure that continuity of care is provided, their key person works towards building a partnership with parents to keep them informed of their child's needs and to support any changes in family and home life. We strive to provide a happy, friendly and stimulating atmosphere, where children can develop at their own pace and reach their full potential in a secure and personal setting. The age ranges in rooms may vary due to the individual developmental needs of each child.

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The Kind of education we offer helps the youngones to get out their home environment. We help them to learn how to interact with other people other than their family members. We build self esteem in the children, teach our children proper etiquette like sharing, cleanliness, potty training, table manners, and being polite when dealing with each other. The School gives due consideration to buliding and stretching pupils' physical capabilities and 'Health Of Mind' through participation in co-curricular activities such as: Swimming, School Trips, Music dance and Drama, Games and Sports. Sports Uniform is put on twice a week, that is: Tuesday and Friday
Optional Servicies
These apply to middle and pre-primary class
Swimming Lessons, Piano Lessons, Football Club.
The classes have got a sizeable number of children which allows individual attention that encourages every child to achieve.

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The School has a balanced cirriculum which exploits every chance and source of learning as stipulated in the "learning frame work for early childhood development" by the ministry of education and sports.